Hello Beloved Readers,  

Finally, magazine season is here and we couldn’t be more excited to begin Aerie International’s second decade. This year, springtime in Missoula means we are breaking flood records and helping our neighbors fill sandbags during our study halls while studying for IB exams and working on revisions of our own poems. Since our entire staff graduated last year, this magazine season was all about learning.

My second year of Aerie taught me what it takes to produce two literary magazines in under a year. Even when we’re physically and mentally exhausted, very hungry and probably crying, my heart tells me we will get it done. Somehow, we never seem to forget the importance of everything this publication seeks to accomplish, even when we are running out of time to put these magazines to press and we are taking turns proofing the same section of the magazine for the tenth time.

All of the hard work is worth it because we are continually impressed with the maturity and talent of the young writers and artists we are fortunate enough to meet through this publication. As the number of submissions grows each year, we look forward to learning new things about parts of the world we may never have the privilege to visit. Submitters, thank you for sharing your lives with us. We spent countless hours reviewing and enjoying all the submissions. Art and poetry are always subjective, and designing the layout of a magazine sometimes feels like assembling a puzzle so even if your submission wasn’t chosen this year, we hope you will submit to our magazine next year if you aren’t busy graduating right now. Teachers, please keep inspiring your students, nurturing their talents, and encouraging them to submit.

We can thank our amazing teacher and advisor, Becca Carson, for pushing us to do just about anything, including writing weird plays and leaving a blank poster with the word ‘MOM’ on the classroom wall for seven months out of the year, subliminally forcing us to consider character development at all times. I confidently speak for every staff member when I say we cherish and admire her hard work, persistence, love, and sprinkle of dark humor.

We are also thankful for “Aerie Uncle” Robert Lee, who, somehow, we haven’t scared off yet. Robert continues to frequent our classroom, bringing revision suggestions, cinnamon rolls for Becca and this year, a new form of poetry we aren’t sure exactly how to pronounce, the Haibun. Fellow board members such as Caroline Patterson and Robert Stubblefield continue to serve Aerie by attending our events and presenting us with meaningful connections to the larger writing community. Without a supportive school and local community, Aerie couldn’t celebrate this level of success. We value our partnerships with local businesses who donate raffle items and provide food for our fundraisers and allow us to host events in their beautiful venues. We couldn’t produce this magazine, or conceive this amazing cover without Mike Peissig and Donna Elliott of Alphagraphics. They make this dream a reality every year by offering friendly assistance with graphic design, fine tuning the details, and sending our magazines to press. This year we appreciated help from Mike Dreiling, who took over for Donna these past couple weeks and showed us kindness and patience while helping us learn new tricks in InDesign.

Without the help of our community, this magazine would never reach Nepal, or Bangladesh, or even Kansas.

Submitters, the world we live in is an uncertain one. Keep creating work that allows us a snapshot of your lives. Keep submitting art and writing that connects us all and we’ll keep fighting to build bridges over borders.

Warm Regards,
Mariah Swartz




Dear Readers,

Aerie International was born of a desire to offer outstanding young writers and artists an opportunity to share, edit, and publish their work internationally. What makes this journal unique is that it is designed, edited and published entirely by high school students.

Aerie has roots that extend across continents. It’s not uncommon for a student to rush out of the lab saying something like: “You’ve got to check out this submission from South Africa!” When the editors leaf through the finished magazine, they call young artists and writers they’ve never met by their first names. At the final reading in May, they proudly introduce poets from other countries to an eager audience. They read work by their global peers with a sense of pride and ownership.

This magazine continues to evolve and thrive due to submissions from serious young writers and artists and support from the significant adults in their lives. Please consider beginning with a subscription. Encourage your school, library, and students to support this opportunity by subscribing to the only international high school literary arts magazine journal wholly devoted to peers publishing peers.

Rebecca Carson, Advisor

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