Thank you to everyone who submitted work! We are very busy selecting which pieces will be featured in this year’s magazine and can’t wait to unveil the finished product this spring.

We will be open for submissions again in September 2019!

We invite submissions of

innovative poetry
short stories & flash fiction
brief nonfiction
lyric essays
short drama
foreign-language poetry & translations
cutting-edge visual art & photography
original spoken word poetry in video form

Before submitting, consider subscribing to last year's magazine. 
Part of becoming published is knowing and supporting publication
opportunities.  You can check out amazing work and the biographies 
and personal photos of the contributors.

Submissions Requirements for Aerie International


In the tradition of Montana writers Richard Hugo, James Welch, and Norman Maclean, we are seeking wide-ranging work that represents young people and the places which they call home.

    • We invite honest, innovative, precise poetry of varying subject matter and style. (We rarely print rhyming poetry.)
    • We welcome short prose, whether fiction or nonfiction, that conveys story and character through image and sensory language and that describes in concise, unfolding scenes rather than interpreting or explaining for the reader. (We are not looking for science fiction, fantasy, horror or romance.)
    • We hope to receive original foreign language poems accompanied by English translations.

Visual Art and Photography

In the tradition of Montana artists Rudy Autio and Lee Nye, we welcome digital files of cutting edge visual art and photography, regardless of medium—painting, ceramics, glass, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking, weaving, digital and 35mm photography, etc. Art, by its nature, defies categories and pushes boundaries. Defy ours.

We are not interested in copies, however beautifully done, of famous (or not-so-famous) paintings or photographs. We are interested in your original work—your eye, your sensibility, your interpretation, your rendering of a scene or subject.

Spoken Word Poetry

In an effort to capture the constantly evolving culture of poetry and youth writing communities, we are seeking wide-ranging work that represents young people and the places which they call home.

  • We invite honest, innovative, precise spoken word poetry of varying subject matter and style.
  • We seek powerful poems accompanied by strong delivery. Spoken word poetry is as much about the performance as it is about the writing itself. Not all poems are well suited for slam performance. We are attracted to poets who can use rhythm and sound effectively in their writing and volume and timing in their video performances. We are looking forward to publishing poets who exhibit maturity and authenticity.
  • We hope to receive poems that capture culture and experiences authentic to the submitter using precise, clever language. Note: We discourage the use of excessive obscenity as it detracts from a poem’s potential to capture specific and genuine detail.

All spoken word poetry must be the original work of the submitter.

Please see detailed submission guidelines on Submittable

Things to Consider

      • Aerie International publishes once a year, in the spring. Entries must be sent by 1 February each year.
      • Writers and artists included for publication receive one perfect bound copy of the magazine. Award winners in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art and photography receive $100 U.S. dollars. Additional copies can be purchased for $12 in the United States and $15 outside. All teachers whose students submit work will receive one complementary copy of the magazine.
      • Pieces of writing of fewer than 1500 words have a greater likelihood of being printed. We reserve the right to do minor editing before publication.
      • Please include no more than 5 pieces per individual per year.
      • Aerie International accepts simultaneous submissions. Please inform us immediately if your piece has been accepted for publication elsewhere.
      • Upon acceptance, we ask only one-time rights; all subsequent rights revert immediately to the author. We will send a contract for you, your parents, and your teacher to sign.

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